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April 30, 2018

Our family got a 12 week old male Rottweiler from the Phillips in October 2017. He has been a fantastic dog and is everything Sherman said he would be. His temperament is the best of any dog I've ever owned and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He loves greeting everyone we encounter on walks in the neighborhood, at the park and at the baseball field where he also enjoys watching the game. He is great with other dogs, big and small and will crouch down on the ground as low as possible when meeting small dogs so he doesn't scare them. Sherman was a pleasure to deal with and is always available to answer questions. Having our dog's parents on site in order to meet them prior to making the decision to add such a noble dog to our family was priceless. I looked into other breeders and having both parents on site wasn't always a given. Our Rottweiler is just days away from being 9 months old and is a role model and ambassador for the breed. He's also a very handsome dog to boot, never failing to get compliments from all who meet him, both for his looks, obedience and friendliness. However, his inner guard dog does appear when needed, which is also comforting. When alarmed, his bark will shake the house, however it's rare that he gets alarmed. He's not a dog thats prone to excessive barking.

Kenneth Anderson

April 2018

We visited Von Philhaus Rottweilers in early October 2017. First of all, their dogs are beautiful and very well taken care of. Second, Sherman and Deborah are fantastic to work with. We met and fell in love with a ten week old male puppy, whom we named Ajax. Ajax is now 6 1/2 months old and a few days ago weighed in at 82 pounds. Not only is he a very big boy (and a beautiful Rottweiler) he is sweet and loving. Ajax is smart and easy to train; loves kids and other dogs. He plays with our 11 year old schnauzer and never plays aggressively. Ajax is the first Rottweiler I have ever owned, and though to be honest I was skeptical (I had always believed them to be an aggressive breed) I am now  a Rottweiler lover for life, thanks to Ajax. Thank you, Sherman and Deborah for helping us complete our pack! To anyone looking for a Rottweiler, I highly recommend Sherman and Deborah. They are the nicest people and their dogs are just fantastic.They truly care about their animals. I could not be happier with our pup or with the experience, overall. Megan Wakefield 

August 2017

 I recently purchased a Rottweiler name "Diesel" as a surprise Birthday present for my grandson's 7th birthday. The look on his face when Deborah and Sherman told him that Diesel was his, was priceless. They took the time to make his surprise so special and that meant so much to me and my family. I really appreciate how supportive and understanding Deborah and Sherman were of the death of my mother, during the time I was scheduled to pick Diesel up and could not. They kept me updated on how he was until my return. Since the short time Diesel has been with us, we have been getting so many compliments about him from family, friends, and the veterinarian. Diesel is a beautiful puppy, has an awesome temperament and is so happy. He and my grandson are just having a ball. I highly recommend Von Philhaus Kennel in Jacksonville, NC. You will not be disappointed. Their service, knowledge, honesty, love and care for Rottweilers are unbelievable.

Thank You So Much---Deborah and Sherman!!!!!
From The Jones Family


Our family was interested in purchasing our first Rottweiler in March 2017.  We found Mr. Phillips' website and felt very comfortable after speaking with him about purchasing a female Rottweiler puppy. His knowledge and reputation was outstanding. Shelby was 8 weeks old and precious. Our veternarian said she was the most beautiful and well behaved Rottweiler she had ever seen! The clinic we take Shelby to has several veterinarians and you never know which one you will see, I'm proud to say every veterinarian that saw Shelby through all the puppy shots up to our last visit when she was spayed, would always comment on her excellent breeding. I'm one proud parent after leaving the clinic, compliments on her beauty, how soft and shiny her coat is, her blocked shaped head, her beautiful mahogany coloring, and lastly her excellent behavior!

We live on the lake and have a pool and was hoping Shelby would be a water dog. We can't keep her out of the water! She even loves bath time! Visit our YouTube channel under Vivian Johnson and see Shelby for yourself! We are so proud of her, we wanted to show the world our baby girl! She loves the entire family and we can't imagine what we would ever do without her! Only Rottweilers from Mr. Phillips for our family!

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Phillips,

The Johnson Family in TN                                                                      


JULY 2017

My name is Rahkeem Golden; we recently purchased our first puppy Lebron from VonPhilhaus Kennels in Jacksonville, N.C. Sherman and Deborah are honest, trustworthy, understanding, knowledgeable and loving breeders. We received pictures and updates daily and could always ask for information and advice and they would get back to us immediately.

On the day we picked up Lebron, we met his parents and grandparents, all located at the kennel. The kennel was very clean and their dogs were very obedient and respected Sherman. For example, Sherman showed us around the kennel. As we approached, the dogs began to bark and jump around in their individual kennels. Without hesitation Sherman stuck his fingers in three of the adult dogs mouth and they all stopped barking and sat calm.

Lebron is smart, confident, and eager to please along with a great temperament. He is currently being house trained at 11 weeks and we are working on the following commands such as sit, stay, come, and crate training. We receive several compliments from family, friends and our veternarian. They typically make the following comments "he looks like a Rottweiler teddy bear" "he is so cute" "is he a pet or a showdog" "how much did you pay for him again, you had to pay more, I don't believe you."

All in all, we are very pleased with the service we recieved and highly recommend this breeder to everyone. Do your research on Von Philhaus Rottweiler kennels, I guarantee you will not be disappointed, especially, first time dog owners.

Thanks Sherman and Deborah!!

From the Golden Family

JUNE 2017

We just got our second Rottie from Sherman. Could not be any better. We have 2 year old named Hachi and 8 week old named Bailee. Our dogs are perfect. No issue with them at all. Our experience with Sherman and his kennels has been above all standards. We could not be more pleased with the dogs we have got from Sherman. 1ST class kennel.

Kenny and Renee Mcclamrock

May 2017

We bought a 3 month old female we named her Polly she is a wonderful member of our family. thank for all your help it was a wonderful experience. anyone wanting one of these amazing dogs please give Sherman a call he was so helpful and knowledgeable so nice making the long trip worth while. and on top of all that we got a top notch dog and so smart thanks again Sherman

Bill & Sharon Garren

April 2017

Thank you for Zeus. By far the best Rotti that I have ever owned. He is only 3 1/2 months old and is a beast. I have taken him to work at Fort Bragg and to many other places and I asked people comment on his color and temperament. He is great with other dogs and especially children. I work and train him daily and he always wants to learn and please me. If any Soldier ever talks about wanting a dog I will quickly talk about you. You even worked with me when I wanted him with a tail and also with deployments so thank you very much.

March 2017

Just wanted to say I had the best experience when I went to pick up my pup Dutchess. Sherman was very helpful and actually taught me a few things to know about puppies. He has also been available whenever i have questions, all I have to do is call and leave a message and he always calls back in a reasonable time. With the experience I had I would recommend this breeder to anyone and everyone seeking a Rottweiler puppy. Thank you so much.

March 2017

My husband and I have done alot of research on finding the perfect puppy for our home. WE FOUND ONE!!! Wonderful breeder and beautiful dogs! You will not be disappointed. We could not be happier with our choice. He really is a wonderful puppy! Thank you Sherman for all that you do!! Take care and keep doing what you do best!! Love your dogs!


March 2017:

I recently purchased my 1st Rottweiler from Sherman and I have to say the experience was great. He called me right away when a puppy became available and constantly kept me informed with pictures and updates of my pup. When I arrived to pick Leonidas up Sherman had everything ready, introduced me to his parents and answered every question I had. I love my new puppy, he has a good disposition and looks GREAT!!! I have received nothing but compliments on how he looks from other Rottweiler owners. Thanks again Sherman for such a great pup, I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to become a Rottweiler owner.


Feburary 2017

Hello from a rottie loving family in Virginia. My husband and I purchased our 2nd Rottweiler puppy from Sherman this past weekend.Rainah is one and Amara is 9 weeks old. Before my husband and I purchased our 1st puppy I was worried about the quality of these Rottweilers..Its hard to trust people this day and time(U can make anything look good on the Internet ) I've had 2 others rotties and I wanted to make sure that I got another great dog, and I did..THE BEST so far!! Before we bought Rainah I called the vet that Sherman uses and they talked very highly of Sherman and his dogs.I also called the America Kennel Association and he checked out there also. I did not want a back yard breeder and Sherman is not. You can tell he has the love for these wonderful dogs. The two that we have ,has got the best personality and disposition so loving,sweet and just beautiful! Sherman will keep you updated on the puppies and will also send you pictures of them.Dealing with Sherman was a great experience,he answered all my questions and responded back to me in know time.Thanks Sherman for breeding such great Rottweilers.

Thanks again..Ronda ,Michael,Rainah and Amara

January 2017

My husband and I purchased Ava in early January 2017. We were just 3 short months from euthanizing our beloved 10yr old Rottweiler, Ellie, who succumbed to osteosarcoma. We grieved her loss but knew that another would be in our future at some point. The breed is like no other, but you'd have to experience it to believe it....They are such a different and special kind of dog and give back, ten fold, what you give to them.....In any case, we didn't expect a replacement to follow so soon after Ellie.....but some things just work out that way. We happened upon Sherman's website and loved the pictures and testimonies we viewed. From the very beginning we appreciated Shermans' professionalism and kindness. After one visit to view his facility and available puppies we knew we'd come home with one. We placed our deposit and were committed.
No regrets! We love our beautiful Ava--so different than our previous Rottie but just as remarkable. We can see she is determined, smart and full of bravado and confidence already...From time to time we glimpse her loving side but she's all play and puppy now and we love it!
Would we recommend one to you?? You bet, hands down, a fantastic dog!! Be ready, as they require a firm but dedicated and loving hand and a special place within your family. You will not be disappointed, however. Perhaps you will find the " best dog ever" like we think we did.

Scott and Ashley McAllister
North Carolina

October 2016

Good day all,

I recently purchased my second Rottweiler Puppy (female) from Von Philhaus Rottweilers, my first a male puppy. I felt compelled to send a big thanks and shout out to Sherman & Deborah for such wonderful animals! This little guy and gal (for now) has it all! Beautiful/Robust markings, Big Head and strong muscular features, shining smooth coat, the temperament of a family dog but the characteristics of a military working dog...if properly trained. If I were to come across anyone looking for a Rottweiler puppy Von Philhaus Rottweilers would be our recommendation, hands down! As they say, your first impression is the best impression and we certainly had a great first impression during our visit to their kennel. The area was clean and very well maintained. We were equally impressed with the living space that each dog had to themselves. They all looked very healthy, happy and energetic. Once again thank you Sherman & Deborah for your commitment and dedication to this awesome breed and producing show quality dogs!

Richard and Karen

October, 2016

We would first like to say that dealing with Sherman was a very great experience. We have owned 3 Rottweilers and know a little bit about the breed, Sherman knew even more! When we were able to get to his kennel to check it out, we might have been sold on his dogs from just looking at how well taken care of the kennels were. The first thing you see is a beautiful structure to house his bitches and puppies and the awesome shelter he has for the rest of them. Sherman was very inviting to meet the sire of our potential future puppy. When I approached the kennel I noticed how well built Franz was. The second thing I noticed was how much love he wanted to give me, a perfect stranger (with of coarse Sherman right next to me!) Franz encouraged me to pet him, and if up to him it would be a lot longer! He is a beautiful, loving Rottweiler. We then met the bitch of our potential future puppy, Farah. Farrah, if possible, was even more loving than Franz. At this point we threw "potential" out, we were purchasing a puppy! We gave Sherman the deposit that night. Once the due date came, Sherman sent us a text message letting us know that she had not gone into labor yet and continued to text us until she did. A true testament that Sherman is NOT a backyard breeder just trying to make a quick buck, this man truly loves his dogs. Once the puppies were old enough, Sherman called to let us know we could come spend time with our unnamed puppy! We spent about an hour with our new puppy and could not wait to get the fur ball home. A few weeks later it was our time to pick "Yogi" up. It has been 7 weeks shy of a year since that day and there has not been a day that goes by that we regret. Yogi is the best Rottweiler we've owned. We can count on 2 hands the times he made a mistake in the house and has not chewed one thing other than several toys. I bring him most places with me and his temperament is outstanding. As with any Rottweiler they need to be trained, we do this almost everyday and he ALWAYS is ready to go to work. He is doing things that dogs we have had in the past either never did or it took much longer to learn, he is a very smart puppy. The love Yogi gives us is his best quality. The boy loves to be near one of us! He is very alert and aware of his surroundings. He looks like his mother and will eventually be built like his father. He is over 100 lbs and still growing, it's a good 100 lbs, not an ounce of fat on him. We are very fortunate to have found Sherman, the love that he gives his Rottweilers definitely bleeds down to the puppies that he offers. Some say that the best advertisement is word of mouth. We are here to tell any one interested in a Rottweiler family member, Von Philhaus Rottweilers is a perfect place to go.

September, 2016

This is our second Rottweiler puppy from Von Philhaus that my husband and I purchased as we had no doubt in our mind that he would be exceptional. The day we received him from the airport he was ready to play and acted as if we're family all along. He is very confident , smart, very sociable with an excellent temperament. He is a joy to go camping with as no one is a stranger to him as he loves up to everyone. Thank you Sherman for breeding excellent Rottweilers. Matt & Kim

Jan 09, 2015

Sherman & Deborah,

Thank you again for your time and effort to breed such a wonderful, healthy puppy and help me find the perfect match for my family. My boy, Gunnar, is now 11 weeks old and he is doing extremely well. Our vet always comments on how "perfect" he is. Gunnar has a great temperament, is very sociable and outgoing, and is quite intelligent. I highly recommend Von Philhaus for the perfect addition to your family. Sherman and Deborah were always in constant communication with me, answered all my questions, and fulfilled my expectations in finding my first Rottweiler.

Thank you again!
Karen Burce

Dec 22, 2014


Dec 15, 2014

Hi Mr. Sherman,

This is Olivia wilder, I'm sending you a testamonial below for your site. I wanted to let you know the puppy is named duke and he is doing well. Thank you for you time and in assisting us with finding the puppy we wanted.

The Phillipshaus-rottweilers kennels are a wonderful place to find a good breed of rottweiler. My husband and I have an adorable rottweiler named Duke who came from a good father and mother. The facilities were clean and we'll maintained. The dogs are all very healthy and fit. You can tell the breeder cares about his dogs and the families the puppies go to. I would highly recommend the Phillipshaus-rottweiler kennels to anyone who wants a great rottweiler.

Thank you again Sherman!

Dec 9, 2014

My husband and I recently purchased a male puppy from Von Philhaus. We had our puppy shipped to us and what we received was well above our expectations. Our puppy came to us with an outstanding temperament, very loveable, beautiful and in addition to all that an extremely happy and confident personality. Since working with Von Philhaus our experience from day 1 has only been positive. We could not be any more pleased with this kennel. Thank you Sherman for all the care you put into your breeding program, answering all our questions, your prompt replies and keeping us updated since our puppy was born.

Matt & Kim

November 2014

My husband and myself had been searching for a a new family member and one who would mesh well with our 2 and a half year old Doberman.
I was able to get in touch with the owners of Von philhaus rotts who talked with us about our Doberman, his temperament, etc. and immediately he told us about Ruby. We set up a meet and greet and met Ruby a few days later. The owner was extremely polite and helped us to introduce Ruby and Axel slowly which is always best for Axel. The owner also helped to explain every detail about Ruby including her history and parents history. Ruby was just what we were looking for in a family dog and her temperament is amazing, including her behaviors with our 15 month old daughter. I would highly recommend Von philhaus rotties to anyone looking to add an amazing breed and wonderful temperament to your family.

Kaysey and Chris

November 2014

To all that read this
I bought not 1 but 2 puppies from this man and they are more than I can wish for. I have two grown rotties so I knew what I was looking for and I did look for over a year before I found these two they have the markings and the faces I wanted to extend my family. I stay in touch as much as I can just so they know how much I appreciate the care and troubled put them through. I usually don't write reviews or references but in this case I thought I needed to they answered every question I had before I bought the dogs and are still answering them and it's been 4 months. So if you are still wondering if they are the right people to buy from trust me they are.

Thanks again
S. Collins

October 2014

I am an excited to announce my family and I are proud new owners of our first Rottweiler pup from Von Philhaus Rottweilers. We had been searching and searching for many years for a Rotty, we even researched rescue dogs but with that sometimes come many issues that are hard to overcome. We needed a trusted and caring breeder and that is what we found in Von Philhaus.
I am big dog lover and come from a background breeding championship show dogs with my father and when I first contacted Sherman of Von Philhaus I felt at home. Sherman did not try to sell me but rather wanted to know what I was looking for to ensure we were a match and after our interview we were matched. When my wife and I went to pick up our male I was equally impressed with the cleanliness of the grounds and kennel which obviously reflected care.
Our puppy came with his first set of shot, tail docked and beautiful packet complete with instructions and coupons to get us off to a good start. When I asked to see the mother there was no hesitation and she was as advertised very calm and great personality.
I highly recommend Von Philhaus Rottweilers to everyone I know.
L. Fitz

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